Our gym facility at Waterville House has an extensive array of cardio, stretching  and weight machines  to ensure a  complete work-out can be obtained. All our equipment  is manufactured by  leading brands such as Precor and Cybex, and the full inventory of our range is as follows;

Aerobic machines

  • 2 x Precor treadmills.
  • 1 x Precor Cross-trainer.
  • 1 x Precor Recumbent bicycle.

Weight machines

  • 1 x Cybex leg curl.
  • 1 x Cybex leg extension.

  • 1 x Cybex leg press.

  • 1 x Cybex Smith machine with bench-press and squatting,  with free-weights up 200kg.
  • 1 x Cybex FT360 all-purpose machine


  • Curl-bar and straight bar with various free-weights up to 200kg.

  • Dumb-bells from 1kg-34kg.

Our gym floor has plenty of open space, all  on shock-absorbing rubberised flooring,  to allow ample areas  for stretching and floor exercising, or to use some of the multitude of our individual small pieces of our equipment, such as – Bosu balls, Swiss balls, stretch bands, jump-rope and weight-bars.

To wind-down after your work out, there are full sauna, steam-room and shower facilities beside the gym area.